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Juri-chan's Corner of Randomness

This is Juri-chan's page that is dedicated to her two favorite anime characters(female characters) Juri Arisugawa(from Revolutionary Girl Utena) and Ceres(from Ayashi no Ceres). You shall also find random quotes and pics of the week. There will also be random rantings and ravings by yours truly(Juri-chan) within this page. So sit back, relax, and take a break from the insanity of the rest of the page.

Quote of the Week:

"Young girl don't cry, I'll be right here when your world starts to fall."

~"The Voice Within" by Christina Aquilera

Bishonen and Bishoujo of the Month:



Below can be found my mini-shrines and space for my rantings.

Alright, time to meet the voices in my head.... Well, some of them. First, there's Ceres. She's much more evil and insane than the one from the series. Ceres sits behind her computer in a dark room and either types, glares, mutters, or does a combination of the three. Then there's Centauri(pronounced Sen-tar-ee). She's an Elf from the other side of the Universe. She's insane, power-hungry, wants to destroy the universe and create her own, ect. She goes on rants all the time and she runs around freely in my head. Next is Tenaka, a vampire who is power-hungry and wants to destroy the world and create her own to become its god.

Centauri: *eye twitches* Why do I have to be in here?! I didn't do anything!!!
Juri-chan: You're in there because you're a danger to the rest of us as well as yourself!!
Tenaka:*sitting in dark corner* Serves her right. *chuckle*
*For those of you just joining us, Centauri has been put in a straight jacket and has been sent into solitary confiement. I also have a character, Ryenna, who has been in the same condition for... What, four or five months now?*
Ryenna: When are you letting me out?!
Juri-chan: Whenever you stop chasing after Rei like a mad idiot!!
Ryenna: *getting angry* But she's mine! I have a right to chase her!!!
Juri-chan: Not 24/7!!! Now shut up!!!
Ceres:*heavy sigh* <Looks like I'll have to put them all out of their misery.>
Juri-chan: I heard that Ceres. You push the button to destroy my brain, you're gonna be so sorry you were ever born.


Ah, Ceres, what can I say about her? She's an angel. She kicks @$$. She is my over-all favorite female anime character. She's so cool. And she's sooo good at revenge. I live for revenge..... Ahahaha!!!


My dear Juri Arisugawa... Anyone that visits this page, that has seen Revolutionary Girl Utena and atleast feels sorry for Juri, MUST hate Shiori. If you like Shiori..... I'm personally coming over to your house to beat you. Shiori is meant to be hated by everyone and anyone..... Sorry, Juri is cool and I consider her my other anime self, Ceres being my revenge side and Juri being my depressed side.


Lady Yui!! I love Yui. She's also got that revenge streak in her, although it is just a misunderstanding thanks to Nakago. I like Yui better than Miaka because, I mean, come on! Atleast Yui didn't say she loved a man one second, the next say she can't love him, the next say I still love you, ect. NEways, that's my little Yui rant.


Android 18 is awesome. I love her for two main reasons. 1) She's one of the only FEMALE @$$ kickers in DBZ and 2) She kicked Vegeta's @$$ good!! I'm a Vegeta-hater and my favorite episode of DBZ is when Android 18 shows him who's boss. Android 18 also has a great personality that I like. She's my kind of anime character in the kicking butt department that is.


Ah, my dear Maya from Burn-up W. She loves her guns more than anything in the world. She's trigger-happy and has a great sense of humor. She gets angry when people tell her she can't shoot. I love Maya. She's hilarious, trigger-happy and somewhat stubborn... Kinda like me, I guess. hehe.


Karura from RG Veda. What can I say? She's got a great sense of humor, she uses magic, she's not a wimp. She's d*** cool, in my opinion. She's my favorite character from RG Veda, as you can tell. Oh, she's also got the random bird... Well, it does protect her and her friends, I'll give it that.